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Located on the beach of Préa, just 12 km from Jericoacoara (CE, Brazil), KITENOMAD chose for you the best place to learn and practice kitesurf.

Jericoacoara is a very well preserved National Park, famous for it’s beautiful lagoons, the temperature of the water and the exceptional conditions of the wind as it’s steady every day. In fact, the brazilian Northeast is one of the most windy regions in the world.

We choose this magnificent spot for you to live unforgettable moments.

KITENOMAD offers multiple options for you to make your holidays “the perfect moment”: beginners and advanced lessons (waves, freestyles), downwinders, discover new places nearby, rental and sale of equipment, surfwear and lots of other surprises. 

Regarding hosting (accommodation), some people chose to take advantage of the peaceful Prea and opt for a 100% kitesurfing holidays; others, go for “the turbulent Jeri". Regardless of what you chose, our buggy will pick you up wherever you are staying, directly from your Pousada/Hotel. Those who decide to stay in Jeri, will enjoy the wonderful trip to Prea that goes through the National Park right by the beach.


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