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Full course (IKO Niveaux I, II, III - 12 Hrs)

Session of 3h / day

If you really wish to learn how to Kitesurf and to navigate, to stop hesitating is the formula you need.

This course will allow you to get your IKO certification card, which, if all the required levels are achieved, will give you access to equipment rental in an IKO affiliated centers.

This stage includes the levels 1 and 2 (Discovery and Kicker). Once you achieve these two stages, you will have the pleasure to dash in the water, by yourself, and make your first edges.
Then we will work on your position and how to manage the speed in order to build up your confidence so you can achieve autonomy.

Adding a few hours can be required to polish your experiences and master the board correctly. Once you reach a certain level of autonomy (being able of maintaining its course), we also offer you the possibility to rent the equipment and provide you with supervision.




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