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Taster (IKO Nivel I - 3 Hrs)

This course will allow you to discover the basis of Kitesurf. The lessons will take place on the beach.

You will learn to analyze the spot in which you choose to navigate (wind direction, safety regulations, potential dangers, etc.), as well as the terminologies of Kitesurf, its assembly, the theory of piloting in a window of wind in 3D and all the security systems of the equipment.

Once you have completed this part, you will pilot the kite on the beach (control with both hands, one hand and walk with the kite) in order to be able to understand it and control its reactions and its power.

There are 2 ways to achieve this level: in a personal way (1 student, 1 instructor, 1 equipment) or in a binomial way (2 students, 1 instructor, 1 equipment).

By the end of this stage you will be ready to enter to the water and to go to the next level, 2.


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