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Kicker (IKO Niveaux I & II - 9 Hrs) (2)

Session of 3h/day.

This course will teach you how to move in the water with the help of the kite and its power, and to start with the board. From the moment you enter in the water you will be equipped with a helmet with a radio, that will be used by your instructor to give you indications from the beach, to accelerate the progress and increase safety.

We begin with the body drag technique, which allows you to move in the water by recognizing the edges thanks to the power of your kite. You will also learn how to separate from the kite according to your position in the water.

After this, you will learn to master the body drag technique upwind, used to get the board back (situations in which you might lose or have to let go of your board).

Now, we are going to learn the "Waterstart", also known as how to get up on the board. First of all, we will teach you theory of this new stage, in the beach. Then, assisted by your instructor, you will do your first waterstart until you get balance between your body and the movement of the kite, this will allow you to get control.

There are 2 ways to achieve this level, private lessons (1 student, 1 instructor, 1 equipment) or group lessons (2 students, 1 instructor, 1 equipment)

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