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More than a country in South America, Brazil is a continent in itself: about 8.512.000 km ², 286 times Belgium, near 16 times France!

"Earth of contrasts", anthropologist Roger Bastide said in a formula which made success: the colonial baroque against futuristic Brasília frenzies, burning Christian fervour and trances of possession of the gods of Africa... We would not stop full filing the list.

From the infinite Amazon to the colossal falls of Iguaçu, the quadrangle of the drought in the swampy territory of Pantanal, in Brazil, nature reaches the extremes of the immoderation. The immoderation! Here it is, perhaps, the key of Brazil. A civilization that builds up itself, comes undone and is reborn again with crackles, explosions and an incredible energy.

So, come to Brazil for its beaches, the warm sun, its lovely popular music, the rainforests, the quite unique madness of the carnival, it's jungle cities and, specially, to shake up your certainties… Brazil, a cultural border to be, not only, crossed but exceeded.


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